ASSO Management

Our “best seller“. The management of a company that works by projects. You learn the fundamentals of business management and strategy. We have trained dozens of new managers and young people with high potential.

In ASSO Management, 4 companies working on projects (represented by 4 groups of participants) compete for the market.

Participants are asked to decide:

  • how to manage orders (with internal or outsourced resources) and personnel in order to achieve the objectives set by the trainer;
  • how to improve the reputation on the market and thus increase the ability to acquire new orders.

For those who have grown professionally in a technical sector and have found themselves entrepreneurs or managers of this type of company, ASSO Commesse represents an important step in consolidating their experience and managerial skills.

To whom it is addressed

It is addressed to:

  • Entrepreneurs or managers of enterprises working on a contract basis
  • Managers of autonomous units working on a contract basis
  • Software house owners and managers
  • Young new managers
  • Young people with high managerial potential
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