Leadership Lab
How we work

The first step with our clients is listening.
Understanding their values, business, industry, clients, and organization. Some data, but mostly meeting people: sharing goals, understanding what performance they want to improve. Deciding what changes to implement.

From the initial ideas, the project comes. An initial measure of performance and skills to be developed is often made; then, it is defined what goal to achieve at the end of the project.

The phases and modules of the intervention are chosen or designed. If formative, you decide what experiences to give to accelerate learning and which tools and technologies to use.

Over the years, we have developed or adopted many innovative technologies: from ad hoc portals to establish learning communities and provide continuity in skills development, to the use of techniques translated from other worlds such as theater or sports.

Intermediate measurements and the final measurement allow the client and us to check the result and to modify the intervention or plan new activities, if necessary.

We often give continuity to the people involved by keeping communication open.