Webinar event: “Performance at High Altitude” with Pietro Trabucchi

How do ultra-marathoners run continuously while exceeding every limit imaginable for an ordinary man?
Following his last book “In the Storms of the Future,” Pietro Trabucchi will reveal the secrets of men and women who seem like super heroes but who, instead, with method, determination and commitment overcome limits that to most seem insurmountable. How do you transfer the same concepts and tools to your own life and work to achieve seemingly unattainable performance?

Attend theopen day on the two dates of November 22 and 28 at 5 p.m.
Free participation. Limited seats.


Pietro Trabucchi, a psychologist and adjunct professor at theUniversity of Verona, is an expert in sports performance and endurance disciplines. He is a psychologist for the National Ultramarathon Teams and was Mental coach of the Olympic Rowing Team for Rio 2016, after devoting himself to the Olympic Triathlon Team in Sydney 2000 and the Italian National Cross-Country Ski Team at the 2006 Turin Olympics. He has led teams on science-based expeditions around the world, from Evererst to the Arctic.
Author of several successful books on resilience and motivation, he has recently published “
In the storms of the future
” on the topic of change.
He is involved in corporate training by helping and supporting individuals and organizations in Leadership development.

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“Performance at High Altitude”

    Grow your people as leaders of today and tomorrow

    We deeply believe that a leader must be resilient, highly motivated to achieve their goals, focused on improving their performance, and see change as a challenge and an opportunity to be seized and passed on to their team. From this belief was born Leadership Journey, a leadership development path resulting from the collaboration between Pietro Trabucchi, and Stra-le.
    If you also share these “beliefs,” engage people in your organization in a journey to improve individual, team and organizational performance by strengthening their resilience, improving their ability to handle stress, working on their self-motivation and how to manage change.

    The Rationale: Stick or carrot?

    Two days of intensive training for:

    • Learning the real mechanisms of human motivation and becoming aware of false myths
    • Understand the mechanisms for nurturing and sustaining motivation over time
    • Improve one’s self-efficacy and volitional skills

    Performance: Talent or commitment?

    Two days of intensive training for:

    • Understand and analyze the meaning of performance for the individual and organizations
    • Learning how and what to affect to improve your results
    • Learning what to do to improve your organization’s results

    Resilience: Why is everyone talking about it?

    Two days of intensive training for:

    • Understanding the individual, team and organizational mechanisms that govern resilience
    • Acquire techniques for developing one’s determination
    • Train skills to find new energy and effectively manage destructive emotions

    Stress Management: What if it was good for us?

    Two days of intensive training for:

    • Understand the origin of stress, individual, team and organizational impacts
    • Managing stressors with cognitive restructuring
    • Enhance stress control in favor of one’s professional effectiveness and well-being

    Change: He who does not change is lost?

    Two days of intensive training for:

    • Understanding change, individual, team and organizational impacts
    • Strengthening capabilities to overcome the inevitable resistance to change
    • Improving behaviors to govern and lead change

    Leadership Journey: a highly experiential training path that can be modulated with respect to your people’s growth and knowledge needs. Designed to be enjoyed in-presence, online or blended.

    Inductive method

    We always start from experience to learn a lesson

    Certified Trainers

    The modules are conducted by senior lecturers who have obtained the “Leadership Journey” certification


    Concise and solid theory supported by training pills by Pietro Trabucchi


    Each module is enriched by the “voice” of authoritative witnesses


    A digital certificate of attendance is issued upon completion of each module

    Continuous training

    At the end of each module, participants will be able to continue training through the digital handbook

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    High Altitude Performance