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(Re)connect with your emotions through Coaching

In complex and delicate times such as the present, it becomes even more important to have a Dedicated support to precisely “calibrate” your own internal compass and maintain a course toward their own goals. It is precisely for this reason that Stra-le decided to devote an in-depth online space to the art ofself-control and resilience, an online coaching course centered and modulated on self-care, personal/professional motivation, and strategic and effective resolution of emotional impasses.

Take the opportunity to enhance resilience and improve emotion management. Achieve and maintain sustained high performance over time!

3, 2, 1… Go!

Six online training modules with Stra-le certified coaches

We have created an intensive and effective online training course

Six online sessions

1 hour per session

Are you curious about what you will be working on with our coach?
We structured your path like this:


2 sessions

To (re)discover and/or focus their professional, individual goals and structure an action plan

Training and Action

3 sessions

Support for the actualization of the previously identified plan

Outcome and Future

1 sessions

To consolidate achievements and identify next steps

The online coaching course will help coachees to:

Clarify the areas of strengthening development goals

Define an action plan for achieving the goals

Identify and remove obstacles and “road blocks”

Support the action plan and monitor progress

Remain motivated and focused throughout the journey

Increase self-awareness as an individual, manager and “actor” in the organization

Would you like to have a first-hand experience of our online coaching course?

Stra-le offers a trial session, with no obligation, for all interested organizations!