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The story

The literal translation of Design is “planning” but, in Italian, thanks to the great tradition that has developed in our country since the post-war period, the word “design” has taken on a meaning related more to the aesthetic and fashionable aspects of design.

Actually, going back to the English definition, design has a very practical goal: to create products or services that are useful, easy to use, and beautiful, with the focus on the customers – or, in the case of in-house services, on users – because you have to start with the customer in order to make something that is useful to them.

Classroom + remote work in virtual groups using collaboration systems.

Real cases to be addressed with the new methodology.

Case external to the company, cases of current projects internal to the company.

Mixed population – business + IT

Radical change in the design processes of new services.

Mutual business and IT involvement from the initial stages, all the way to the service release phase.



Information Technology (IT) and business functions responsible for the development of new services for a large national enterprise


To change business functions’ attitude toward IT and vice versa; to develop new skills for service design and development, common to both populations


May 2016