Since its founding in 2006, Stra-Le has had as its mission the development of leadership to improve the performance of client enterprises and organizations.

Capacity development is not an end in itself, but is framed within a broader organizational need with the specific purpose of improving performance.

Stra-Le’s offerings consist of “innovative products and services” from:

  • skills mapping and assessment (mapping, assessment and development center);
  • pathways for skills development;
  • projects for change and implementation.

Stra-Le has focused heavily on innovation.

We use methodologies translated from other worlds (e.g., the entertainment and sports worlds) in ongoing development courses that combine: FAD (Distance Learning), classroom, outdoor, web seminars, and coaching.

We have developed proprietary technologies that accelerate assessment and learning processes:

  • ASSO – a series of business simulation (business game)
  • Corporate academies and assessment platforms
  • Portals for coaching and mentoring projects
  • App for the Human Resources function

People in Stra-Le complement each other with different experiences and skills: business analysis and organizational skills, organizational behavior, innovation, digital skills.

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Financed training courses



Quality is a core value for Stra-Le.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for training and management consulting.

For us, quality is not a formal aspect; it is a fact.
We have always wanted to focus on quality. ISO 9001:2015 EA35 EA37 certification with TUV was the logical consequence of our choices.

Maintaining quality means investing: in time, resources and skills. The goal is to meet our customers’ expectations and grow by merit.

In our field, not all companies are certified, in fact certified companies are a minority, because this requires capacity, strategic will and deep respect for those who come to us for improvement.