Welcome to your VERSIONE INGLESE

What degree of knowledge do you have of the professional tools of social platforms (e.g.: Audience Insigh)?

Do I help my people to deal with digital change by implementing development plans?

Co-operation, open innovation, collaborative platform: are these notions known and applied in your company?

Do I convey energy and motivation to my team – even at distance?

In your opinion, does your company offer an adequate customer experience?

How much has the digital transformation changed roles/functions in your company?

How effectively is your brand diffused through the social media?

Do you use digital analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics) to understand your business and clients?

How often is your company’s Value Proposition updated?

Does your company make use of digital tools for its Marketing campaigns?

How is your knowledge of Machine Learning?

Do you use Google for your advertising campaigns?

Is “big data” a known and employed theme in your organization?

How much are your contents explicitly designed for your social media and website?

Are your website’s contents optimized to be more effective in the search engines?

Do I facilitate and promote autonomous behavior and initiative?

Do you use digital analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics) during your work?

In your organization, how much are digital channels (social, web, mobile) used to communicate with clients?

Do I involve and guide external partners (e.g. agencies and providers) in the digital transformation process?

Are you aware of a digital strategy in your company?

Would you be able to profile your followers by specific social channel?

Before placing content on your web channels, do you check whether it is exactly what your users are looking for?

Is it possible to buy your products or services directly online?

Can you identify precisely by which keywords your web pages are found?

Have you expanded your commercial offering through digital transformation?

Does your organization use online advertising to promote its products and services?

Has your business model been modified after the introduction of digital channels?

Which is your level of knowledge about “Platform” business model?

Do I observe, recognize, and reward my co-workers’ innovative behaviour?

Which is your level of knowledge about Internet Of Things (IOT)?

Does your company use Artificial Intelligence tools to support decision-making?

Can clients interact and communicate with your company through digital channels?

Am I effective in giving priorities and clear and shared objectives?