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Business game: learning at a distance


Only training in a complex situation but allowing progressive improvement can help you develop new skills and knowledge.

Ace Business Game

An engaging game to learn while having fun the fundamentals of economic and financial management of a business and to improve one’s problem solving and decision making skills.

Participants, individually or divided into groups of four to five, will take to the “console” of a simulated virtual enterprise on the Web.

In 4 successive rounds-simulating as many years-participants will make all economic, business and organizational decisions to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the game in an exciting challenge.

Who will come first? It will depend on the goodness of the decisions made.

The real challenge, however, is to learn concepts and skills that seem very complex to the “uninitiated,” but are critical to a successful career in the digital age. All this with one game.

Ace Business Game a distance learning course for the development of the following knowledge and skills:

Knowledge inherent in business management

Reading and interpreting the income statement

Problem solving skills

Reading and interpreting business organizational elements

Reading and interpreting financial and balance sheet facts

Decision making & taking skills

The virtual enterprise can be managed:

as a team


In synchronous mode, at the same time as other participants or teams

In asynchronous mode, to achieve goals independently of other participants

Train your decision-making skills

In the simulation, organizational, management, marketing and operational decisions will be made in an engaging and challenging competitive environment.

The Game reproduces 4 years of business management with 4 “plays” in sequence.

It is a way to respond to this situation by taking advantage of not always productive times that SMART WORKING leaves us with, improving one’s ability to work remotely as well

Does your company want to participate?

We can structure a competition completely dedicated to you.

Are you a single and want to participate?

No problem. We will open an individual competition for you and you can play online!

The price?

200 € for a single participant. 1500 € for groups up to 15 people.

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